Dr. D.J. (Deborah) Yapp-Raphael

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Linguistics and Education


  • Publication 1: In final stages of review.
  • Publication 2: In first stages of composition.

Opleiding en achtergrond

Masters English Language and Culture: Leiden University.

Masters of Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON): Leiden University


Hogeschool Leiden


An Approach to Academic Success: Improving Second Language Reading Performance in Higher Education through Explicit Reading Strategy Instruction.

We learn to read in order to become autonomous learners, the technological advances of the modern world are likely to make greater rather than lesser demands upon our ability to read. Reading strategies are purpose driven but little is known about why they work and which are effective. Similarly, very little is known about reading strategy effectiveness in a second language (L2). This research attempts to address this gap by investigating the effects of an L2 reading strategy programme on the reading comprehensive performance of English students at secondary school and higher education level. When the teaching approach is combined with a Content and Language Integrated Learning one, (CLIL) it is expected that the students will show significantly improved reading results. The proposed research is important because it addresses a pressing need to improve current reading abilities and integrates new findings on reading from respected fields. Drawing from my experiences of more than 30 years in education it is apparent to me that many Dutch schools are facing steadily dropping exam results. However, the method proposed in this research hopes to support teachers while motivating struggling readers to achieve success. After an orientation of existing literature in the field I will conduct a meta-analysis of reading strategy interventions to determine the effectiveness of the strategies taught as well as the specific teaching approach. Building on this, I will pilot an intervention using my own reading strategy method and analyse the results of the students reading scores using a pre-test-post-test design.


Universiteit Utrecht